Cooker features

A cooking all-arounder
The best food is fresh, homemade, and healthy. If you agree, then a Gorenje cooker is your ideal companion. A single appliance combines a highly efficient cooking hob and an oven that offers all the advantages of baking in traditional wood-fired ovens. These multi-talented helpers will easily adjust to any kitchen layout. They are indispensable in weekend houses and they are the perfect choice for those looking to highlight the pleasant cosiness of their home.

HomeMade kuju

Kõik puudega köetavates ahjudes küpsetamise eelised
Gorenje ahjude traditsiooniline ümar kuju on jätkuvalt üks nende kõige kasulikumaid omadusi. See on inspireeritud traditsioonilistest puudega köetavatest ahjudest ja võimaldab kuumal õhul vabalt ringelda. Kui kuum õhk liigub vabalt, jaotub see ühtlaselt ja ümbritseb toitu täielikult. Kuna toitu kuumutatakse igalt küljelt ühtlaselt ja intensiivselt, valmib see alati täiuslikult: see on pealt krõbe ja seest mahlane.

Best at bread

Become an expert in baking bread
Our ovens combine the characteristics of traditional stone ovens with modern technology and design. The round shapes and the special MultiFlow 360° system enable the heat to be distributed evenly around the food in the oven and they make it possible to cook food at 5 levels at the same time. The combination of classic and innovative characteristics makes the ovens indispensable for everyone who wants to achieve a perfect result every time – especially those WHO want the kind of perfection in their bread that is otherwise only achievable in traditional stone ovens. This is why we say that we are ‘best at bread’.


Lihtne igapäevane puhastamine
Tänu uute Gorenje ahjude sisemuses olevale täiesti uuele emailile on AquaClean'i funktsiooni oluliselt täiustatud. AquaClean on suureks abiks ahju sisemuse puhastamisel. Tarvis on vaid valada pool liitrit vett ahjupannile ja lülitada AquaClean sisse. Kõigest 30 minutiga on tulemused näha nii kogu ahju pinnal kui ka ahjupannidel. Plekid ja rasv on pehmemad ja need saab hõlpsamini maha pühkida.


A double heater for evenly crispy food
The best baking results are achieved with a combination of larger and smaller heaters, where the latter is positioned inside the larger one. The smart positioning of the heaters allows optimal heat distribution and provides the ultimate baking results every time, so food is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. A variable heater combination can use either the inner or outer heater, or both at once. In advanced models, the heater is movable for easier cleaning and maintenance.

DC+ System

Effective heat management
The DynamiCooling system efficiently cools the oven exterior (or housing) to prevent any damage caused by high temperature. In ovens with the DynamiCooling+ system, the heat sensors regulate the cooling of the oven exterior walls until they reach a temperature of 60 °C. This is particularly convenient in ovens with the pyrolytic cleaning function which works with extremely high temperatures.


Inside, helpfully coming outside
Smooth running telescopic guides provide a perfect overview of the process on all levels. This means safer and easier removal and cleaning. Gorenje ovens feature fully pulled out guides on three levels in Superior line. During the pyrolytic cleaning, they should be removed from the oven.


Ready for XXL recipes
More spacious ovens allow you to cook a larger quantity of food – not only because of even air circulation at all levels, but also because of the 46cm wide baking trays in both standard and compact ovens. Innovative solutions allow a larger interior and the oven width is fully used. There is more space on each baking tray and the superior technology makes sure the food is cooked evenly on all levels.


Superlihtne ja supervaikne
Tänu uue konstruktsiooniga hingedele on ukse sujuvaks ja hääletuks sulgemiseks vaja vaid õrna puudutust.


Made to be touched – anytime, all the time
Special triple glazing isolates the oven, making it even safer for children and pets. The heat is kept inside, optimising energy consumption by stopping heat escaping from the oven.