FN6192PX Püstine sügavkülmik

Püstine sügavkülmik FN6192PX

Püstine sügavkülmik Energiaklass: E Paigaldusviis: Eraldiseisev NoFrost Mõõdud: 60 × 185 × 64 cm
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No more tedious defrosting
Intensive circulation of cool air eliminates moisture from the upright freezer. This prevents the accumulation of frost on the food and ice on interior walls and keeps power consumption low. As a result, the usage of the storage capacity is optimal, and defrosting and cleaning of the interior are no longer necessary. Packages or pieces of frozen food will not stick to each other, keeping your food in the freezer neat and tidy.
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Inverter Compressor

Steady, silent, and durable
InverterCompressor are more silent, have a longer useful life and they are more economical compared to those with a conventional compressor. Whenever the temperature in the fridge interior rises as a result of door opening, the inverter compressor delivers rapid and effective cooling to prevent the food from spoiling.
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No limits for door opening
Owing to the functionality of opening the refrigerator door at a right angle, all shelves and bins can be fully pulled out. This solution is ideal for refrigerators placed against a side wall, or adjacent to a countertop or another appliance.

Funktsioon FastFreeze

Kiirem külmutamine
Kiire külmutamise funktsioon, mis on ideaalne pärast suuremaid sisseoste. Suurepärane suurte toidukoguste külmutamiseks. Pärast aktiveerimist toimib see 50 tundi ja hoiab temperatuuri –24 ℃ juures.

Tehnilised andmed

Energiaklass: E

Ukse avamine: Muudetav ukse avanemise suund

Reguleeritavad jalad: 2

Inverter compressor

Külmutusvõimsus : 14 kg

Kaitstud voolukatkestuse korral: 11 h

Displei: LED displei

Automaatne sulatamine - No Frost

Avatud ukse hoiatusheli



Sügavkülmiku valgustus: LED

6 klaasriiulit

Hinnanguline aastane voolutarbimine: 234.83 kWh

Müratase: 42 dB(A)re1pW

Mõõdud: 60 × 185 × 64 cm

Pakendi mõõdud: 64 × 191 × 75 cm

Neto kaal: 67 kg

Kogumass: 70 kg

Toitepinge: 100 w

Nominaalne kaitsme suurus: 10 A

kood: 498218

EAN kood: 3838942049965


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